At Konakov Solutions, we take great pride in the individual achievements and collaborative efforts of our team members across various sectors. Our portfolio showcases projects that exemplify our team's expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

Foundational Work on Totogaming's Betting Applications

Members of our team were instrumental in the founding and development of Totogaming's sports betting applications, encompassing back-end, front-end, and backoffice components. This foundational work underscores our holistic approach to betting software development, establishing a robust platform that supports a wide array of betting operations.

Recovery of the Moombet.com Project

A standout achievement was realized by a member of our team in the successful recovery of the https://moombet.com/ project, despite the absence of final production source codes. Facing the challenge of incomplete documentation and code, our team member meticulously reconstructed the necessary components, making the system operational. From the recovered source codes, we were able to publish all applications, effectively bringing the project back from the brink. This accomplishment not only showcases our team’s exceptional problem-solving skills but also their capability to navigate through complex challenges to revive and successfully launch IT projects.

Real-Time Odds Feed Provider Data Routing and Caching for an Asian Partner

Significant optimizations and developments of new modules were carried out by our team members, markedly enhancing performance and scalability for a crucial Asian partner who prefers anonymity. This work included integrating with new feed providers, making structural adjustments, and developing API interfaces for a web application to support internet clients, showcasing our team’s proficiency in real-time data processing and caching.

BeHive – Comprehensive Communication Application for BluNet Armenia

A team member participated in the development of BeHive, a comprehensive mobile application offering enhanced push-to-talk voice communication as a Service (CaaS). Beyond voice communication, BeHive includes text messaging, 911 alerting, and various other functionalities, demonstrating our ability to contribute to multi-functional network applications that enhance team connectivity and operational efficiency.